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Part 2 – Advanced Phlebotomy Course

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Course Overview

Welcome to Medique Skills’ Phlebotomy Essentials: Practical Training course, where we pave the way for aspiring phlebotomists to master the art of blood collection. In this intensive 2-day program, totaling 16 hours of hands-on learning, we empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the dynamic field of phlebotomy.


Course Highlights

 Day 1

Introduction to Phlebotomy

Discover the crucial role phlebotomists play in healthcare and understand the significance of precise blood sample collection.


Safety First

Learn essential safety protocols, infection control, and universal precautions to ensure a secure working environment for both you and your patients.


Venipuncture Fundamentals

Master the basics of venipuncture, including vein location techniques and proper needle selection.


Hands-on Practice

Build confidence by performing venipuncture on your fellow course participants, guided by our experienced instructors.


Butterfly System and Eclipse Needle Mastery

Acquire expertise in using the butterfly system and straight eclipse needle for blood collection.


Work Experience Preparation

Prepare for your upcoming work experience sessions by gaining insights into real clinical settings.

Day 2


Clinical Experience

Apply your newfound skills in an authentic clinical setting, working alongside seasoned professionals.


Patient-Centered Care

Learn how to interact with patients, gain their trust, and provide a comfortable experience during blood collection.



Understand common challenges faced during venipuncture and acquire problem-solving skills.


Documentation Excellence

Familiarize yourself with proper record-keeping and documentation practices for collected samples.


Quality Control

Discover the importance of maintaining high standards in phlebotomy and how to implement quality control measures.


Certification and Career Guidance

Upon completion of the course, receive a certificate and valuable insights into potential career opportunities in the field of phlebotomy.


Why Choose Medique Skills


Experienced Instructors

Benefit from the expertise of our highly experienced phlebotomy professionals.


Real-world Exposure

Gain invaluable practical experience in genuine clinical settings during the course.


Comprehensive Training

Cover all aspects of phlebotomy, from essential safety protocols to advanced techniques.


Career Support

Receive guidance on launching a successful phlebotomy career after course completion.


Enroll in our Practical Training course at Medique Skills today, and embark on a fulfilling journey towards becoming a skilled and confident phlebotomist. Your future in healthcare starts here!

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